our philosophy

Our values are simple

Community Outreach Consultancy Ltd strives to deliver excellent quality community care services to individuals with complex care needs.

Our aim is to provide a Total Care Solution to enable high quality care delivery for children / young people and their families, whilst facilitating their independence.

Community Outreach Consultancy understands the turmoil that families face when having to look after their child with complex needs.

It is a 24/7 all year round commitment with no respite.

Our service aims to support and help to make a difference to their day to day lives by enabling them to have care that they can trust and a solution to bring back some ‘balance in their day to day living’



case management


  • Assessment of care needs
  • Risk assessments
  • Equipment needs
  • Specialist architectural services to advise on housing adaptations

training academy


  • Client specific training and support
  • Clinical tasks training and supervision
  • Assist with recruitment and selection
  • Supervision and training of all care staff

care management


  • Tailored programme of care
  • Act as advocate for child and family
  • Management of care packages
  • Support for clients who have changing needs

liability reports


  • Provision of reports to determine whether or not good clinical nursing standards have been maintained
  • Identifying best practice by benchmarking against current professional codes of practice