care management and provision

Care Management: 

It differs from Case management as this role deals with the ‘care aspect’ and enables specific nursing care and clinical input to be operationally managed on a daily and continuous basis to establish continuity of care management for the client and their family. We are registered by the Care Quality Commission which means that we can manage and supervise nursing staff and domiciliary care staff in line with current legislation from the Care Quality Commission.

We provide individual care programmes tailored to meet the client’s specific needs. This may be clinical nursing and/or care support enabling children and young adults with complex health problems to be managed at home. These children, young people and their families will need special nursing support and/or care due to:

  • Complex conditions
  • Chronic and severe conditions
  • All life limiting conditions
  • Progressive conditions
  • Children in need of end of life care

We also facilitate specialist advice on the provision and management of highly specialised equipment e.g. specialist beds, wheelchairs etc.

All our care programmes are managed by qualified staff who have experience working with children/young adults with complex care conditions in the home and community setting. It is essential to empower the client to maintain the focus of care. Community Outreach Consultancy provides a care management system so that good communications and feedback are established to facilitate good relationships with family and staff.

The Care Team are there to deliver care in a manner to suit the individual lifestyle of the client and their family and support as needed. It is important not to make the home a hospital and allow time for the family to come to terms with the situation however stressful it may be. We assist the client to set up the care regime:

  • Detailed care and support plans working closely with other professionals to ensure the client reaches their optimum goals
  • Support to recruit and select nurses and carers depending on requirements
  • Single point of contact with staffing issues which has the advantage of dealing with any problems/issues before they escalate
  • Managing and supervising all care staff to deliver a tailored care package to meet the changing needs of the client
  • Manage and supervise day to day personal and clinical tasks
  • Implementation of all care documentation, risk assessments and nursing care plans
  • Carry out all recruitment checks for care team as per legislation (POCA, CRB etc.)
  • The managed care service allows and enables qualified supervision, management and clinical governance of care staff by qualified trained staff in line with Nursing and Midwifery guidelines
  • Ensures safe care delivery as the care staff have completed appropriate training and undergone competency checks
  • The care teams are managed by professional and committed staff with the experience in complex care packages
  • Regular team meetings and care reviews
  • Management of the care staff Rota
  • Management of training update for staff and carrying out annual staff appraisals

case management


  • Assessment of care needs
  • Risk assessments
  • Equipment needs
  • Specialist architectural services to advise on housing adaptations

training academy


  • Client specific training and support
  • Clinical tasks training and supervision
  • Assist with recruitment and selection
  • Supervision and training of all care staff

care management


  • Tailored programme of care
  • Act as advocate for child and family
  • Management of care packages
  • Support for clients who have changing needs

liability reports


  • Provision of reports to determine whether or not good clinical nursing standards have been maintained
  • Identifying best practice by benchmarking against current professional codes of practice