case management services

case management:

The Case Manager is the ‘keyworker’ to ensure all professionals are involved to promote and deliver the best solution for the client. Community Outreach Consultancy Ltd provide Case Management services to enable the client to have support when engaging the necessary professionals to assist with all aspects of their daily requirements. This may involve issues with accommodation, transportation, schooling, employment, equipment, therapists, leisure aspects and financial aspects, as well as working with other care professionals if care provision is required. Community Outreach Consultancy Ltd will provide a case management service for specific needs by tailoring the Case Manager’s experience and professional skills appropriately to the client and their family.

We will work with the client to support them as the employer and help set up the care regime which can often be overwhelming by assisting with:

  • Full assessment to determine care, therapy, housing adaptations, school / employment or equipment requirements
  • Case management service includes the recruitment, training, supervision and support of qualified nurses and carers on behalf of the client
  • Setting up payroll and PAYE on behalf of the client
  • Assisting the client and family with statutory services
  • Supporting client to access other professionals to help with their ongoing requirements
  • We support with a ‘total care solution’ to provide a holistic approach to the child or adult’s needs. The Case Manager ensures that all professional advice and programmes are consistent in order to meet the child’s or adult’s needs and prevents duplication
  • We work with clients and families providing advocacy, counselling, family support and co-ordination of care and therapy services. Where appropriate we work closely with rehabilitation services to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.


Good quality assessments are essential for providing tailored care solutions for children and young people with complex care conditions. All our assessments are completed by qualified professionals who have experience and understand the difficulties faced by families dealing with disabilities on a daily basis.

We carry out a range of comprehensive assessments for our clients requiring care provision in their own homes, such as:

  • Assessment of care needs from nursing to appropriate equipment
  • Risk assessments for care in the home
  • Architectural assessments for building alterations and hoisting equipment to aid care

The assessments are designed to encapsulate a systematic approach whilst at the same time enabling care to be tailored to specific needs of the client.


case management


  • Assessment of care needs
  • Risk assessments
  • Equipment needs
  • Specialist architectural services to advise on housing adaptations

training academy


  • Client specific training and support
  • Clinical tasks training and supervision
  • Assist with recruitment and selection
  • Supervision and training of all care staff

care management


  • Tailored programme of care
  • Act as advocate for child and family
  • Management of care packages
  • Support for clients who have changing needs

liability reports


  • Provision of reports to determine whether or not good clinical nursing standards have been maintained
  • Identifying best practice by benchmarking against current professional codes of practice