total care solutions

Community Outreach Consultancy offers a Total Care Solution for Case Management and Care Management Services by understanding the true nature of what the child or young adult faces when living with a life limiting condition. We aim to support and help to make a difference to enable the child/adult and their family to have the best possible quality of life in their given circumstances. The core values that underpin our service and make us different and unique:

  • Genuine understanding of care needs
  • Care that is ‘person centred and family focused’
  • Sustainability, flexibility and continuity in managing care delivery
  • Dedicated teams who understand changing needs and are client focused

We deliver care that is tailored to the individual client’s needs, ensuring all staff are competent, trained and familiar with all care tasks, whether they are Carers or Nurses. We will work closely with families to enable them to discuss care solutions and progress so that care plans can be adapted to meet any changing needs.

Our success is built on our reputation for high quality care, building good relationships with clients, their family and all professionals involved in their care.

The benefits to the clients are they have a good comprehensive, tailored care solution to meet their lifestyle needs and medical condition. They will have care staff that they can rely on and build up a trusting relationship but where their dignity and integrity is maintained.


case management


  • Assessment of care needs
  • Risk assessments
  • Equipment needs
  • Specialist architectural services to advise on housing adaptations

training academy


  • Client specific training and support
  • Clinical tasks training and supervision
  • Assist with recruitment and selection
  • Supervision and training of all care staff

care management


  • Tailored programme of care
  • Act as advocate for child and family
  • Management of care packages
  • Support for clients who have changing needs

liability reports


  • Provision of reports to determine whether or not good clinical nursing standards have been maintained
  • Identifying best practice by benchmarking against current professional codes of practice